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Liam Denning

Anti-ESG Champion Misses the Mark: Elements by Liam Denning

Anti-ESG investor Strive has taken aim at Chevron.

Anti-ESG investor Strive has taken aim at Chevron.

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Welcome to Elements, Bloomberg’s daily energy and commodities newsletter. Europe’s energy crisis continues to dominate: France’s grid operator has warned about the possibility of rolling blackouts this winter, while Germany is considering nationalizing utility Uniper. In today’s take, Bloomberg Opinion’s Liam Denning takes a look at why an anti-ESG move against Chevron is likely to fall flat. To get the e-mail direct in your inbox, click here.

Successful shareholder activism is mostly about timing; throwing a punch when management is on wobbly legs already. The champion of the latest fad, anti-ESG, appears to lack this instinct.