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Mark Gilbert

Keeping the Lights on in Europe Will Be Very Hard This Winter

Plus, a Supreme Court case for expats, the bursting BBQ bubble and winemakers battle climate change.

Chop up your furniture to stay warm this winter?

Chop up your furniture to stay warm this winter?

Photographer: Nora Lorek/Bloomberg

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In Kosovo, the power goes off every six hours. It’s the first European country to suffer rolling outages as the energy crisis escalates. In an effort to avoid that fate, Europeans are taking colder showers, offices are turning down thermostats and stores are dimming their lights. In the UK, waiting times for new solar installations have more than doubled as householders try to power their own homes ahead of an 80% surge in retail bills. But Javier Blas has some good news about the coming winter after listening in on conversations between electricity traders and the managers of the UK national grid.