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Liam Denning

Energy-Rich Texas Should Love the Climate Bill

Few other states stand to gain as much support for an already burgeoning clean-power sector.

Texas generates every kind of energy.

Texas generates every kind of energy.

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

As you might expect, Texas’ two Republican senators aren’t fans of the Inflation Reduction Act. Yet few states stand to gain as much from it as theirs does.

Texas is known as an oil state but is more accurately an energy state. Yes, it is the biggest producer of oil (and gas) in the country, as well as the top refiner. It is also in the top 10 states for coal mining. And Texas produces more electricity from coal than any other state — indeed, more electricity, period. Yet Texas is also the biggest state for wind power generation — for 16 years running — and ports such as Corpus Christi are critical entry points for turbine imports. In utility-scale solar power, Texas ranks number two and is catching up to California fast.