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Conor Sen

Meet Kyla Scanlon: Master of TikTok, Markets and Vibes

The social media star turns complex financial concepts into accessible, bite-sized videos that appeal to Gen Z and millennials.

Vibes in the economy are a very trendy topic.

Vibes in the economy are a very trendy topic.

Source: Kyla Scanlon/TikTok

Since social media influencer Kyla Scanlon coined the term “vibecession,” she has experienced all sorts of feedback from TikTok users and economists alike. I sat down with her to chat about algorithms, markets and more on Twitter Spaces. Below is an edited transcript of our discussion.

Conor Sen: I first came across your work in April of 2021 when you made your viral lumber video. The way that you produce content related to markets and the economy is really clever and I don't think anyone else does what you do. I'm curious how you came to do that and if you felt like traditional media was lacking in some way.

Kyla Scanlon: I started making TikToks around December 2020, right around when GameStop started happening. I had just left my job at Capital Group, so I was no longer under compliance. The markets were so wacky then that it was almost impossible not to make content like that. Beyond video, I've been writing online for about six years. I started in college and had a blog called Scanlon on Stocks.”