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Jonathan Bernstein

Trump Has Steered Himself Into a Legal Morass

Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony describing an attempt to grab the wheel of his car on Jan. 6 revealed a lack of control in more ways than one. 

Out of control.

Out of control.

Photographer: Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images

We’ve run out of words to describe the magnitude of the evidence unearthed by the House Jan. 6 committee, or the enormity of what former President Donald Trump was responsible for in the period between the 2020 election and when he left office. But Tuesday’s surprise hearing with star witness Cassidy Hutchinson, the close assistant to Mark Meadows, Trump’s final chief of staff, topped them all.

In two absolutely gripping hours that filled in one important detail after another, Hutchinson testified that, among other things, Trump knew that the rioters he urged to march on the Capitol were armed — and he wanted to keep it that way, because after all their weapons were not to be used against him.