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Andrea Felsted

‘90s House and Fashion Are Back — in Time for a 1970s Economy

From Beyonce’s new single to baggy jeans and bucket hats, consumer culture is living in the 1990s. Yet inflation and labor strikes recall an earlier era.

Welcome to the ‘90s.

Welcome to the ‘90s.


The 1990s are having a moment in consumer culture. But with the world in the grip of rampant inflation, and Britain enduring a summer of discontent, it feels like we’re living in a 1970s economy.

Nineties nostalgia has been building for some time. Bold logos, which disappeared after the financial crisis, have made a splashy comeback. Burberry Group Plc has even revived its trademark black, white, tan and red check, a rehabilitation for the plaid worn by Oasis’s Liam Gallagher in the 1995 music video for “Wonderwall.” Y2K, inspired by the outfits of the mid-90s to early 2000s, is now a fashion category in its own right.