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Matt Levine

Elon Will Read the Tweets

Also Twitter’s financing, ESG synthetic CDOs, Russian CDS and greenium.

In the dumb theater of Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter Inc., this week Musk is pretending to want detailed information about how many of Twitter’s users are bots, and now Twitter is pretending to give it to him:

Will getting a copy of every single tweet help Elon Musk determine how many of Twitter’s “monetizable daily active users” are bots? Probably not. Will it look like a response to Musk’s demand for information, such that if this goes to court Twitter will be able to say “we gave him the information he asked for”? Sure whatever probably. What will Musk do with every tweet? I joked (on Twitter) that he will use the technology of his brain-machine-interface startup Neuralink to download all of the tweets to his brain. Possibly that is why he wanted to buy Twitter in the first place? When he first announced his stake in Twitter, I wrote: