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David Fickling

Now Even Chicken Is Getting Too Expensive?

The world’s most popular meat has succumbed to inflation. That’s what happens when three pandemics coincide with a drought.

Who, me?

Who, me?

Photographer: Samsul Said/Bloomberg

What do you get when three pandemics coincide with a drought? The most expensive chicken we’ve seen in years.

Prices for the world’s most consumed meat have been surging in recent months. Retail whole chickens in the US cost $1.79 per pound in April, the highest price in 15 years of records and about 19% more than their 10-year average. In Thailand, the fourth-biggest exporter after the US, Brazil, and European Union, similar birds last week were at 62.50 baht ($1.82) per kilogram, a one-third increase in six months. Wholesale frozen chickens in Brazil were going for 10.21 reais ($2.12) per kilo May 19, more than double their 10-year average.