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Jonathan Bernstein

Six Capitol Riot Hearings Won’t Do the Job

The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection will reportedly hear just two weeks of public testimony, in June. That’s way too little to make an indelible impression.

Tell the whole story.

Tell the whole story.

Photographer: Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images

The incredibly shrinking public face of the congressional committee investigating the riot at the US Capitol of Jan. 6, 2001 has apparently … shrunk again.

Last we heard, the long-delayed public hearings from this committee of the House of Representatives were finally at hand, with eight sessions planned beginning in early June. Yes, that seemed too little, too late. But it was also, we now learn, more than we’ll actually get. The new plan? Six hearings, lasting two weeks. The Guardian reports that they’ll begin with a prime-time session on June 9, end with another evening event two weeks later, and fit in four daytime hearings in between.