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Jonathan Levin

Cathie Wood Enlists the Robots for a Sleight of Hand

Her claims that artificial intelligence is going to supercharge GDP to 30% to 50% a year are ludicrous but deflect attention from an investment style not well-suited for the moment.

The outrageousness goes to 11.

The outrageousness goes to 11.

Photographer: Marco Bello/Getty Images

Audaciousness has worked for Cathie Wood as an investment style even in the face of gathering economic storm clouds, but her recent social media remarks are ratcheting up the outrageousness. They have the whiff of what magicians call misdirection.

In the latest example, she told her 1.4 million Twitter followers over the weekend that the economy was poised to accelerate to rates never before seen in the modern developed world, thanks to advances in artificial general intelligence, or machines that think like humans: