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Tyler Cowen

Covid Testing Fliers From Outside US Is Unnecessary

Tourist and business travel will not fully recover until the CDC revokes the testing requirement for air travelers to the US.

Could be busier.

Could be busier.


As Covid restrictions continue to recede, there is one obvious rule that demands reconsideration: the requirement that air travelers to the US receive a negative Covid test before entering the country. This regulation is no longer serving its intended function and is stifling business travel and tourism.

In the abstract, there is a case for such testing. It might make sense if the US were serious about enforcing a broader series of public health measures concerning Covid. But the process of Covid “deregulation” is all but unstoppable. Even New York City, which is reconsidering an indoor mask mandate amid a rise in Covid cases, is unlikely to return to a system that requires proof of vaccination before entry to bars and restaurants, which remain crowded.