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Max Hastings

UK Won the Falklands War With Heroism and Luck. Mostly Luck.

British success 40 years ago, like that of the Ukrainians today, stemmed from a combustible mix of politics and populism. 

Harrier jump jets saved the day.

Harrier jump jets saved the day.

Photographer: Mohammed Mahjoub

One morning almost exactly 40 years ago, I was sitting in my rural English home, writing a book about the 1944 D-Day campaign in Normandy. I gazed out of the window, seeking to conjure up a vision of what it was like to be crouched in a bucketing landing craft heading for a hostile shore, amid the overhead crack-boom of a naval bombardment.

By an extraordinary chance of fate, seven weeks later I found myself crouched in a landing craft crammed with Royal Marines hastening toward a hostile shore, amid the concussions of a naval bombardment. How did that weird time-warp microcosm of D-Day come about?