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Robert A. George

All I Really Want to Know Is How Elon Musk Will Change My Twitter

Will a free-speech absolutist make the platform better or worse? That’s a personal question.

For Elon Musk, and everyone else, Twitter is personal.

For Elon Musk, and everyone else, Twitter is personal.

Photographer: Jim Watson/AFP

I'm one of those people who is somewhat, shall we say, “active” on Twitter. It's my go-to social media platform, both for news gathering and other sources of information, such as discovering people with the nerdiest, most random bits of knowledge. Can Twitter also be “toxic” and a “hell site,” as others have opined, ginning up fake outrage and dragging otherwise smart people into a never-ending time suck? Oh, sure.

But beyond that, it can be entertaining, filled with memes, hashtag games and, of course, my personal be-all, puns and similar wordplay. Please check out my Bloomberg colleagues to understand the financial and market implications of Twitter under Elon Musk. For me, it’s more personal: Is this really going to hamper my user experience?