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Erin Lowry

Don’t Make Your Wedding a Financial Burden for Everyone Else

No one should go into debt for their own wedding, let alone someone else’s.

Happy days.

Happy days.

Photographer: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe

The question has been popped. The venue is booked. The DJ-versus-band debate is raging. For many modern couples, wedding planning is an exhausting onslaught of expensive decisions, expectations and opinions. So forgive me for being yet another to offer unsolicited advice, but this is important.

Every year, there are people who go into debt to celebrate someone else’s special day. A 2021 survey found that 35% of bridesmaid and 30% of groomsmen respondents went into debt for a friend’s wedding. Couples are likely looking at higher price tags this year due to higher demand and inflation, and they should consider how their guests and bridal parties will be impacted as well.