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Justin Fox

How About We Keep Wearing Masks on Trains and Subways Forever?

Mandates are on the way out but encouraging a culture of face coverings on public transportation would be a win for everybody.

A comfortable precaution.

A comfortable precaution.

Source: Bloomberg

One morning last week a young man in a light-blue sport coat with AirPods in his ears and no mask on his face boarded my bus in Los Angeles and sat down. Then he looked around at all the masked faces, got up, walked to the front of the bus to grab a free mask from the dispenser, put it on and returned to his seat. It made my day.

In general I’m all for getting back to normal as we figure out how to live with Covid-19. I go to the office most workdays, eat indoors at restaurants, travel, shake hands or hug as appropriate and, yes, ride public transportation here in L.A. and back home in New York City. But I’d be happy to keep wearing masks on the bus and subway pretty much forever, and would really like it if lots of other people did, too.