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Lisa Jarvis

Here’s One Good Way to Lower the Cost of Insulin

Civica Rx’s plan to sell diabetes medicines at transparent prices will apply needed pressure to repair a dysfunctional drug-pricing system.

Insulin — making life better for diabetics for 100 years.

Insulin — making life better for diabetics for 100 years.

Photographer: Douglas Grundy/Three Lions/Getty Images

Insulin has been making life better for people with diabetes since it first saved the life of a Canadian teenager in 1922. As the ensuing century passed, however, the drug also became a poster child for the dysfunctionality of America’s drug-pricing system.

More than 10 million Americans rely on insulin to control their blood sugar, and the out-of-pocket cost of newer versions ranges from free (for some insured patients) to many hundreds of dollars a month (for insured and uninsured alike).