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Naomi Schaefer Riley and James Piereson

Dropping the SATs Opens the Door to More Legacy Students

Getting rid of test scores and class rankings will give elite colleges even more latitude to give preference to the offspring of well-heeled alumni.

Their descendants might get a boost.

Their descendants might get a boost.

Source: Hulton Archive/Archive Photos/Getty Images

It is hard not to be cynical about the college admissions process.

In the latest effort to encourage more diversity at American colleges and universities, two Democrats in Congress have introduced legislation to bar colleges that participate in the federal financial aid program from considering “legacy” status in deciding who gets in. As Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, one of the co-sponsors, explained, "Selecting applicants to universities based off of family names, connections, or the size of their bank accounts creates an un-level playing field for students without those built-in advantages, especially impacting minority and first generation students."