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Justin Fox

At 91, Warren Buffett Still Isn't in Any Hurry

Lacking prospects for a new megadeal, he and longtime Berkshire Hathaway partner Charlie Munger are content to bide their time sitting on a massive pile of cash.

Charles Munger and Warren Buffett, thriving on contentment.

Charles Munger and Warren Buffett, thriving on contentment.

Source: Bloomberg

One of the keys to a long and healthy life is finding meaningful activities to keep you occupied. Evidence for this can be found in many peer-reviewed medical studies, but also the annual reports of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. In the 2021 edition, which dropped this morning, 91-year-old Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett tells of how, after some early career missteps, he and long-time business partner Charlie Munger, 98, “found what we love to do” at Berkshire — and offers no sign that they plan to stop.

It is of course not entirely up to them when they will stop. As Munger put it at the annual meeting earlier this month of his other gig, Daily Journal Corp., when a shareholder asked that God continue to bestow His blessings” on the pair: