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Lara Williams

The Pope Wants Me to Have a Baby in This Economy? No, Thanks.

Rather than decry the “selfishness” of young pet owners forgoing children, perhaps we should address the breathtaking costs of growing a family.

I’m with the dog.

I’m with the dog.

Photographer: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP via Getty Images

Pope Francis had some stern words for parts of the global population last week. Speaking to a general audience at the Vatican, he said that having pets instead of children was “a form of selfishness” and “takes away our humanity.”

Ouch. I’d argue that doting on a fur baby rather than an infant is far from selfish. Humanity and morals aside, the pope would do better than to rhetorically kick puppies. There are solid economic reasons for the decline of birthrates across the world, and they need addressing.