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Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal’s View to 2022: Singapore as a Global City

The government will navigate challenges that test its status as a financial center. Plus a selection of the columnist’s best work from the past year.

Returning to a semblance of normal travel will be key to 2022.

Returning to a semblance of normal travel will be key to 2022.

Photographer: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty

What to Expect in 2022:

The year ahead will be critical for Singapore’s future as a global financial center. While the country operated relatively well in crisis mode during the earliest days of the pandemic, its effort to “live with Covid” has been progressing in fits and starts. The main challenge will be restarting some semblance of normal travel, a critical economic lifeline and a pressure valve for an increasingly restless population. Like many rich, developed countries, it’s also reckoning with its reliance on foreign workers as businesses face labor shortages and the population ages.

From the Year Behind Us:

Singapore’s Covid Response Overlooked a Major Factor: Fear:  Treating the coronavirus as endemic will require Singapore to think beyond the numbers. The government acknowledges the frustrations of its citizens and businesses, yet far too often this is seen as a necessary sacrifice toward a larger goal. “Living with Covid,” by definition, means those priorities need to be reversed: Day-to-day life must come first.