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Andreas Kluth

In 2022, Let’s Be More Positive and Less Negative

How about this as a New Year’s resolution: Let’s overcome, or at least manage, our natural tendency to go low and think dark.

Why so negative?

Why so negative?

Photographer: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I loathe my readers. They willfully misunderstand my columns and send me abusive and threatening emails. The other day I tried to forward one to my boss, but Bloomberg’s algorithm blocked the message because it contained such vile expletives. 

Actually, wait. I thought I hated my readers. Then I took the trouble to browse through this year’s reader emails again, and I made a surprising discovery. Yes, I saw all those memorable rants and insults again. But to hop from one to the next, I had to scroll through many notes of praise, encouragement and appreciation. Some readers offered nuanced arguments and insightful facts. I love my readers.