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Tara Lachapelle

Black Friday Deals Not Cutting It? Wait a Few Weeks.

A lot of holiday and winter merchandise will arrive late this year — and remain on store shelves after Dec. 25.

The discounts and selection may be better later on.

The discounts and selection may be better later on.

Photographer: Kena Betancur/AFP via Getty Images

To snag some of this year’s Black Friday deals, a car won’t do you much good — try an ocean liner. Plenty of would-be holiday gifts are still at sea, caught up in a mess of global shipping delays. But shoppers who can’t find what they’re looking for this week may have another savings event to look forward to. Call it Black January.

Retailers including Nike Inc. and Victoria’s Secret & Co. have struggled to get products from factories across the world in time for the most crowded shopping day of the year. Nike said in September that a typical 40-day journey for sneakers had stretched to 80 days, while 45% of Victoria’s Secret’s inventory is still delayed, including a quarter of its pajamas.