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Julian Lee

Oil Producers Deliver a Masterclass in Gaslighting

OPEC’s lack of interest in the current energy crisis should be a wake-up call to countries expecting the group to help.

Master at work.

Master at work.


Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman delivered an hour-long masterclass in gaslighting after Thursday’s virtual meeting of ministers representing the OPEC+ group of oil producers. Arguing that the current energy crisis had been caused by decades of anti-oil policies, he tried to convince the world that it wasn’t producers’ job to help fix it.

The prince was defending the group’s decision to ignore requests from some of the world’s biggest oil consumers, including the U.S., Japan and India, for producers to open the taps wider in December to meet elevated demand. The fear is without more supply, rising energy prices will continue to feed inflation and choke off the global recovery.