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Liam Denning

The Hertz-Tesla Deal Will Help Normalize Electric Cars

This could be another step in getting drivers to overcome their anxieties about EVs.

There are a lot more of these than there used to be.

There are a lot more of these than there used to be.

Photographer: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America

The first car I ever owned was electric. I had driven many regular rentals up to that point. But having lived most of my life in London and then New York, owning never appealed; both cities offered cheaper forms of masochism (I’m told). I finally took the plunge after moving to the Bay Area, leasing a BMW i3. I loved it, but gave it up for a regular gasoline car when I moved back east to the New York suburbs, needing more range.

I’ve been thinking about that i3 this past week for two reasons. First, I recently got to take Rivian Automotive Inc.’s brand new R1T electric pickup out for a test drive. Second, Bloomberg News reported Monday morning that Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has placed an order for 100,000 Tesla Inc. vehicles. What links these all together is the concept of familiarity.