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Scott Duke Kominers

Kominers’s Conundrums: All Hail the Newest ‘Jeopardy’ Star

Matt Amodio covered a lot of ground in his record-breaking run. Can you keep up?

This Yale student racked up 1,299 correct clues.

This Yale student racked up 1,299 correct clues.

Photographer: Paula Lobo/Disney

Matt Amodio, a computer science doctoral student at Yale, just completed the second-longest winning streak in “Jeopardy!” history. During his 38 victories, he showed an unfathomably deep reservoir of knowledge of everything from movies and Major League Baseball to children’s literature and the platypus. So impressive was his performance — including 1,299 correct clues and $1,518,601 in total winnings — that conspiracy theories spread in the wake of his defeat.

But Amodio deserves far more than disbelief. How about some appreciation? Below, we present a puzzle tribute consisting of 13 “Jeopardy!”-style clues, along with categories and their associated point values. But there was a major mixup: We lost track of which clues go with which category headers, resulting in bizarre pairings like a “WORLD HERITAGE SITES” clue referencing a “Lin-Manuel Miranda musical.”