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Robert A. George

Comic Con Offers a Glimpse of New York’s Future

This year’s version of the famous expo and convention requires all attendees over the age of 12 to prove they have been vaccinated.

A glimpse of the future?

A glimpse of the future?

Photographer: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP

If you are wondering what “back to normal” looks like, I am here to tell you: It is filled with people dressed like comic-book characters.

New York Comic Con 2021 started last week, running through this weekend at the Javits Center on Manhattan’s West Side. The crowds were kept smaller than in years past, due to the pandemic, but the main difference was a set of tents in a gravel-filled vacant lot adjacent to the Hudson Yards subway exit. Inside the tents, anyone who wanted to attend Comic Con had to prove they were vaccinated.