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Scott Duke Kominers

Kominers’s Conundrums: Weight Weight… Don’t Tell Me!

Boris Johnson’s mission to rebalance the scales is a great excuse for a pounds-and-ounces puzzle. 

Can you scale Kominers’s latest Conundrum?

Can you scale Kominers’s latest Conundrum?

Photographer: Vladimir Godnik/fStop

Boris Johnson recently announced that he’s hoping to revive the imperial measurement system, swapping meters and liters for yards and gallons. Luckily Conundrums is well-versed in weights and measures, so we’ve been able to put together a puzzle to help you practice.

The challenge is simple: We’ve given a series of measurement conversion problems; your goal is to identify the resulting units, indicated by blanks. (Many are imperial units — although not all of them are! A few are rather obscure. )