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Timothy L. O'Brien

What I’m Waiting to Hear From Elizabeth Holmes in Court

If the Theranos founder takes the witness stand, there will be one way to know if she’s speaking truthfully.

Will she take the stand?

Will she take the stand?

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
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The courtroom episode of the Elizabeth Holmes saga debuts today, with opening arguments in her fraud trial slated to begin. The Holmes show is expected to be so popular that federal administrators overseeing the proceedings in San Jose, California, have already notified fans that seating will be limited and “spectators” should plan accordingly.

Holmes, founder and steward of Theranos Inc., a blood-testing outfit unable to deliver on her lofty promises to revolutionize a routine procedure, is compelling for myriad reasons — not least of which has been her ability to burn through $600 million by possibly lying with epic guile. Holmes thrived in the spotlight and lived grandly before leaving patients, partners and investors in her dust.