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Bobby Ghosh

Iran’s New President Will Listen Only To His Mentor’s Voice

Ebrahim Raisi owes his career, and his political legitimacy, to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

It’s clear who has Raisi’s ear.

It’s clear who has Raisi’s ear.

Source: Bloomberg

Iran’s new president takes office Thursday amid a cacophony of demands from his countrymen: some for water, others for better salaries and all for Covid-19 vaccines. But even if Ebrahim Raisi hears these pleas, he will not heed them.

Throughout his long climb up the ranks of the Islamic Republic, Raisi has only ever listened to one voice — that of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This won’t change with his elevation to the presidency, the latest of a long string of promotions the hardline cleric has received by the courtesy of his master.