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James Stavridis

Ending Chaos in Haiti Is Not a Job for U.S. Troops

Washington can assist on civil aid, but any military intervention should be left to other Western Hemisphere nations.

Haiti’s insecure security forces.

Haiti’s insecure security forces.

Photographer: Valerie Baeriswyl /AFP/Getty Images

The assassination of Haiti’s beleaguered president, Jovenal Moise, allegedly by a posse of Colombians and Haitian-Americans, leaves that ill-starred country in turmoil yet again.

Two different prime ministers are claiming power; the first lady is recovering from gunshot wounds in a Miami hospital; and Moise’s security detail is under investigation for allegedly failing to lift a finger to defend him. Armed gangs are roaming the streets as civil order — never strong in Haiti — is breaking down at an accelerating pace.