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Glenn Hubbard and Don Kohn

Our Financial Early Warning System Is Broken

Two agencies set up by Dodd-Frank could be a lot more useful than they have been.

Look out.

Look out.

Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images

The U.S. financial system emerged from the reforms that followed the 2008 global crisis stronger than it had been going in. But the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 demonstrated how much was left undone: Although banks weathered the storm well, financial disruptions elsewhere — in money market funds, in the Treasury market — necessitated extraordinary measures to prevent an even greater economic disaster.

A group that we co-chair, the Task Force on Financial Stability, has just released a report on how to make the system more resilient. Among other things, we see the need for a structural change: Overhaul the agencies tasked with identifying and addressing threats outside traditional banks.