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Brooke Sutherland

Save the Air Rage and Just Wear Your Mask

It’s one of the last Covid restrictions still in place, even for the vaccinated, but there are good reasons.

Yes, you still need to wear a mask on flights.

Yes, you still need to wear a mask on flights.

Photographer: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

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As the U.S. vaccine rollout accelerates, almost all Covid restrictions have been lifted for those who have been inoculated and it’s increasingly more common to see bare faces than a sea of face masks. But there’s one glaring exception: Airplanes, airports and other forms of public transportation still require face coverings. And as the economic reopening pumps up travel demand at a faster-than-expected pace, the contrast between laxer rules elsewhere and a need to keep air travel safe is creating a frustrating side effect: unruly passengers.