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Jared Dillian

To Succeed at Investing, Think of Dennis Rodman

Just like the basketball player, certain assets may not score high returns, but they make a portfolio stronger overall. 

Dennis Rodman can teach investors a lot.

Dennis Rodman can teach investors a lot.

Photographer: Jim Rogash/Getty Images 

Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but you would never know by looking at his numbers. He averaged only 7.3 points per game in his professional career, and is the lowest-scoring inductee in the National Basketball Association’s Hall of Fame. He’s better-known for his tattoos, piercings, hairstyles and excursions to North Korea. But Dennis Rodman can teach us a lot about portfolio construction.

Though he was a great player, a team full of Dennis Rodmans would have been terrible because he didn’t score enough. But when you add a Dennis Rodman, who was a great rebounder and defender, to four other players who can score, he makes them a lot better. He was a member of five championship teams, including the 72-win Chicago Bulls team of 1995-96 that is widely considered to be the best ever.