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Chris Bryant

The Skies Will Be Crowded With Flying Taxis

The massive amounts of capital flowing into eVTOLs is great news for commuters, but not all these companies will succeed.

Joining the Jetsons

Joining the Jetsons

Source: Vertical Aerospace

SPACs are striking in their herd mentality. Once one decides to take a new type of business public, then a whole bunch of similar firms do the same. This happened with electric vehicles and related technology, and now it’s the turn of flying taxis.

This week Vertical Aerospace Group Ltd., a British manufacturer of what’s technically known as electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft or eVTOLs, revealed plans to go public. It will do so via a merger with Broadstone Acquisition Corp., a blank-check firm set up by entrepreneur Hugh Osmond, the founder of pub operator Punch Taverns Ltd.