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Bobby Ghosh

Five-Star Meal Kits Are Here to Stay

The most important pandemic lesson for fine-dining establishments to take away is… takeaway?

The next best thing to a house call.

The next best thing to a house call.

Photographer: Jennifer S. Altman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As recovery from the coronavirus pandemic continues, Bloomberg Opinion is running a series of columns looking at crisis-inspired innovations that promise better living over the long run — from more resilient economies, cleaner cities and healthier offices to more flexible e-commerce and less unnecessary business travel.

For the fine-dining industry, the pandemic underlined the precariousness of a business model that relies on customers to bring their appetites — and their credit cards — to a place of purveyance where the rent is as high-toned as the setting. Restaurateurs would do well to remember this when gourmets are ready to go out again.