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Stephen Mihm

Silicon Valley Won't Last Forever, and Texas Knows It

The birthplace of Dell and TI has been quietly building its tech industry since the 1930s. Now it has the chance to move into the spotlight.

Texas technology hub is ready for takeoff

Texas technology hub is ready for takeoff

Photographer: Bloomberg


Is Texas really a serious rival to California as a destination for high-tech? The growing exodus of banner companies -– Oracle Corp., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co., Tesla Inc.'s Space-X and others -– suggests that there’s something to the idea. Still, skeptics rightly point out that plenty of other places have made a bid to become the new Silicon Valley and never come close.

Texas, though, may be different, and not because of the recent high-profile relocations. Unlike other would-be innovation hubs, the state has been quietly nurturing high-tech industry for decades. If Texas eventually rivals California, the consequences could be momentous, not just for industry, but for U.S. politics.