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Ferdinando Giugliano

Mario Draghi Is the Best Person for the Worst Job: Governing Italy

There are many reasons for skepticism about the former ECB chief becoming Italy’s prime minister. But if anyone can fix Rome, it's him.

Back at the big table?

Back at the big table?


Italy’s president has summoned Mario Draghi to ask him to lead the country, a task akin to cleaning the Augean stables. 

There are many reasons for skepticism: The nation is in the middle of a health and economic crisis. So are most places right now, but Italy is one of the most fragile members of the European Union because of its meager growth and towering public debt. The political parties in parliament have shown again their inability to lead in a crisis, and any prime minister would struggle to bring them to heel. Draghi would be the ultimate technocratic appointment, and such administrations have a patchy record in Rome, often failing to win enough support for lasting and meaningful reform.