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More Covid Relief Is Needed, But $2,000 Checks Aren’t the Way

The focus for additional support should be on those who are really suffering.

Smart maneuvers aren’t everything.

Smart maneuvers aren’t everything.

Photographer: Oliver Contreras/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s call to raise the $600 payments included in the recent Covid relief plan to $2,000 gave Democrats the opportunity to deliver extra help to the economy while embarrassing the opposition. Their House majority, with support from 44 Republicans, quickly passed a measure to deliver the additional payments. The Republican-controlled Senate then blocked it. With crucial votes in Georgia’s Senate runoff looming, Republicans are at odds with each other and with their president, and obstructing a popular proposal to boot.

The only problem is that, as Democrats ought to realize, there are far better ways of spending those funds. Tempting as it might be to press their political advantage, they should pause and ask how best to help those in need.