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Tara Lachapelle

Your 2020 Lockdown Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

From “SAD” lamps to plant subscriptions and slippers, here are Bloomberg Opinion-tested gift ideas for these pandemic times.

Even Santa may need help with gift ideas this year.

Even Santa may need help with gift ideas this year.

Illustration: Jessica Karl

Covid-19 is forcing shoppers to rethink holiday gift-giving. Concert tickets? Can’t go. New sweater? No one will see it. But there’s plenty that loved ones could use to get through the long days of work from home and general pandemic loneliness. Here are some recommendations that have been 2020-tested by members of the Bloomberg Opinion team (click the images for more details):

SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder, referring to when seasonal changes — usually the transition to winter darkness — lead to depression. These lamps try to mimic sunlight to help boost one’s mood. They can be useful for those stuck working indoors all day, especially if one’s makeshift home office lacks windows. Plus, they have another benefit as a practical work-from-home tool: creating a flattering and professional influencer-like glow during work videoconferences. $119.99; h/t Beth Williams