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Lionel Laurent

WFH in Greece or Barbados? The Fight for Covid’s Digital Nomads

The dream of the “digital nomad” will meet the reality of cash-strapped countries fighting a health crisis.

Lunch break.

Lunch break.

Photographer: Aris Messinis/AFP via Getty Images

Like birds migrating south for the winter, a new species is packing up for the great trek: Work-from-homers looking for a sunny beach idyll with a good Wi-Fi connection. 

“Digital nomads,” once a label applied to iPhone-toting millennials traveling the globe, are now an entire aspirational white-collar class to themselves. Working from home is one level of privilege, but being able to do so while escaping coronavirus lockdowns is another one entirely. One British engineer captured it perfectly from a rented windmill conversion in Portugal saying, “I forgot there was a pandemic.”