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Ramesh Ponnuru

Meet Biden's Presidential Chaperone, Mitch McConnell

Voters might have awarded the Democrat the Oval Office, but not the power to make progressives happy.

Where progressive dreams go to die.

Where progressive dreams go to die.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Joe Biden has good reasons to be optimistic about winning the presidency as the vote-counting tilts in his favor. Even if he does, many of the fondest hopes of his party and darkest fears of his opponents will be unrealized.

Biden ran with the most progressive program of any major-party nominee in U.S. history, as former president Barack Obama boasted. Many Democrats dreamed of going further still. Biden was going to be the next FDR. Obamacare would be expanded to include the “public option” that eluded Democrats in 2010. The Green New Deal wouldn’t pass, but a down payment on it would. President Donald Trump’s tax cuts would of course be rolled back. New states would be added to the Union, and new justices to the Supreme Court, to entrench liberal governance.