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Brooke Sample

Life Is Hard for Everyone, But Not Equally

Mothers, low-wage earners and millennials have some added stressors to cope with as the coronavirus pandemic maintains its hold on workers.

Send help.

Send help.

Photographer: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Covid-19 has made this year difficult for everyone, and in countless ways. Young people have been blamed for causing case spikes, but they’re also the ones who are just starting their time in the workforce and are more likely to be splitting rent with roommates. Families are coping with sharing home office space, but mothers are more likely to also be managing their kids’ virtual educations and household duties. And while the WFH culture is likely to stick around for a lot of sectors, lower-wage earners don’t have that option and are at higher risk of contracting Covid while bearing the psychological toll of that risk. Some of the economic changes brought about by the pandemic have actually been beneficial. What we are still learning, though, is that Covid-19 has brought plenty of bad things about our working lives to light. 

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