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Faye Flam

Colleges Are Better at Covid-19 Testing Than the White House

Frequent testing can stem coronavirus outbreaks, even if the tests aren’t super-accurate.

Still helpful.

Still helpful.

Source: Bloomberg

On the morning of Oct. 2, just as the U.S. was waking up to news that the president and first lady were infected with Covid-19, the New York Times was featuring a story with the headline “Colleges Learn How to Suppress Coronavirus: Extensive Testing.” And yet, President Donald Trump had often claimed he was getting tested regularly — maybe even every day. Does the White House outbreak erode the case for keeping schools and workplaces open with extensive, rapid testing?

Testing had been looking good, with new technologies promising fast, cheap tests as a tactic to prevent Covid-19 spread while allowing more of the interactions needed for commerce, travel, education and human happiness.