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Lionel Laurent

Why People Have Had Enough of Lockdowns

Covid-19 rules are becoming too costly to follow for some and too easy to ignore for others.

Closing early for Paris’s Covid curfew.

Closing early for Paris’s Covid curfew.

Photographer: Kiran Ridley/Getty Images Europe

The history of epidemics is rife with examples of society rebelling against tough public-health edicts, such as the breach of plague quarantine in 18th-century Marseille or protests against face masks during the 1918 influenza pandemic. The grim consequence is a fresh wave of deadly infections. 

Covid-19’s million deaths may pale in comparison to the estimated 50 million lives lost in 1918, but the cycle risks unfolding again. France, the U.K. and Spain face a triple threat: A jump in cases, a population exhausted by lockdown-induced recession, and rising resistance to tougher measures.