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David Fickling

Should Dairies Go Vegan? I Know, It Sounds Nuts

But plant-based milk is a sensible venture when you consider how little of the white stuff produced on farms ends up being sold as a liquid.

Milk those vegan products for what they’re worth.

Milk those vegan products for what they’re worth.

Photographer: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America

How’s this for an instance of life imitating a hoax?

A spoof press release sent to journalists in February falsely stated that the U.K. unit of Danish dairy company Arla Foods amba was going to switch to producing only oat milk by 2030 to reduce its carbon emissions. No such plan was in the works — the release appears to have been sent out by an anonymous activist  — but within days Canadian dairy giant Saputo Inc. said it would plan to acquire a plant-milk business, and a month later Arla announced its own oat-milk brand