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Elisa Martinuzzi

Bankers Hit the Limits on Working From Home

After the pandemic, many finance workers in New York, London and elsewhere will probably just get a bit more flexibility in how they work. 

Office or kitchen?

Office or kitchen?

Photographer: Harry Hart/Getty Images

As the financial behemoths of Wall Street and the City of London reassess how they’ll operate in the post-pandemic world (assuming we get there), change is certain. Even with Covid-19 in check, staff working away from an office building will no longer be an exception. Banks will be thinking about saving on their huge urban real-estate costs, and employees about a better work-life balance.

When you look around at the relatively empty streets of New York and London’s business districts right now, you’d be forgiven for thinking this shift will be seismic. But one mustn’t underestimate the resilience of “business as usual” in boardroom thinking. Speaking to some of the world’s biggest banks, one gets the impression that the new way of working might not be so different to the old way.