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Alexis Leondis

Here’s What to Do Before You Lose Your Job

The second and third waves of layoffs could affect more white-collar workers.

Stay off Amazon Prime in the meantime. 

Stay off Amazon Prime in the meantime. 

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

The most severe job losses may have already happened, but that doesn't mean more employees won't be getting "the call" from HR.

The first phase of layoffs hit front-line workers in leisure and hospitality-focused industries such as airlines, hotel, restaurants and retail. Economists say subsequent rounds will spill over to other sectors and could hit the managerial level harder as supply chains catch up and consumers continue to spend less amid concern that Covid-19 (or another virus) will prevent a return to normal economic life for an indefinite period of time. And just because you're able to work from home, they say, doesn't mean you're safe.