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James Gibney

The Coronavirus Won’t Kill Globalization

The challenge, as ever, is how to navigate a changing global balance of power.

Brought together by globalization, circa 1926. 

Brought together by globalization, circa 1926. 

Photographer: Photo12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Among the many by-products of the coronavirus pandemic has been a spate of obituaries for globalization: “A Global Outbreak Is Fueling the Backlash to Globalization.” “Spread of Virus Could Hasten the Great Coming Apart of Globalization.” “Will the Coronavirus End Globalization as We Know It?”

Short answer: No, it won’t — at least not if you define globalization as more than intercontinental supply chains and massive container ships. Moreover, such premature death notices undermine the challenge of managing globalization as the world’s balance of power shifts.