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Timothy L. O'Brien

Epstein Arrest Is a Worry for Donald Trump

The man facing accusations of sex-trafficking and pedophilia has been associated with many high-profile figures, including the U.S. president. 

Plea deal questions.

Plea deal questions.

Photographer: Rick Friedman/Corbis News

Jeffrey Epstein, a prominent money manager who owns sprawling homes in Palm Beach, New York, the Virgin Islands and other locales, was charged as a sex trafficker and pedophile by federal prosecutors in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday.

Epstein, who has been accused repeatedly over the years of manipulating and molesting underage girls, was arrested at a New Jersey airport on Saturday, according to multiple media reports. The Daily Beast, which broke the news of Epstein’s arrest, correctly predicted that prosecutors would accuse the financier of luring minors and other women to his homes by offering cash for massages and then sexually molesting them.