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Hussein Ibish

Trump’s Palestine Investment Conference Is a Cynical Farce

U.S. officials are shocked by the news that Palestinian business leaders won’t accept their invitation to trade national rights for cash.

Nice thought.

Nice thought.

Photographer: Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images

It's hard to imagine a more pointless exercise than a Palestinian investment conference without Palestinians. Talk about staging Hamlet without the prince! But that's exactly what the Trump administration is cooking up, to be held June 25-26 in Bahrain. And it's emblematic of the predetermined, intentional failure of its approach to brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace.

The "Peace to Prosperity" workshop on investing mainly in Palestinian areas under Israeli occupation is meant to unveil the economic component of the U.S. peace plan, leaving political issues for later. U.S. officials say they hope for up to $68 billion in pledges.